Are vibrating massagers safe?

Are vibrating massagers safe?

Vibrating massager is to relieve the sorrow and pain of certain joints and muscles of the human body through relaxation and antispasmodic treatment of human muscle tissue, and generally does not cause harm.However, people with certain constitutions(high blood pressure, heart disease, arrhythmia, pregnant women, children, menstruating women, etc. should not be used.) may feel dizzy.

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What is vibration massage?

Vibrating massager is a health care appliance that uses built-in battery or power to drive the massage head to vibrate and massage the human body. Massage is good for relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation, eliminating fatigue and preventing diseases. Vibration massagers can be divided into electromagnetic and electric motors according to the different ways of vibration.
Electromagnetic electric massager
The electromagnetic massager has simple structure, sufficient vibration intensity, low vibration frequency, relatively cheap price, and most of the power is between 10 and 20W.
Motor type electric massager
The structure of the electric electric massager is more complicated, the vibration frequency is higher, about 5,000 to 10,000 times per minute, the price is more expensive, and the power is small, generally 5 to 8W.

The working principle of the vibrating massager. Simply put, the electromagnetic massager is mainly composed of electromagnetic wire core and coil. When the coil is energized with 50Hz power frequency alternating current, it will generate an alternating magnetic field. The alternating magnetic field is small and large, which drives the iron core. Vibration is generated, and then the vibration is transmitted to the massage head. The vibration source of an electric massager is a motor. Generally speaking, the motor of the massager is a permanent magnet miniature DC motor. The working principle of the massager is: the rotation of the motor shaft is transmitted to the eccentric wheel through the coupling spring. The function is to convert the rotating motion of the motor into reciprocating motion and transfer the reciprocating motion to the vibrating head. Since the motor speed is 5000~10000 rpm, the vibration frequency of the electric massager is also 5000~10000 times per minute.

Are vibrating massagers good for you?

Scientific use of massager is good for people. As a new health care product, the massager has the effect of promoting local blood circulation and accelerating metabolism. It can relax the body after a tiring day, help eliminate fatigue, and have a certain fitness effect. But pay attention to:

1. Make progress gradually. When using the massager for the first time, it is best to try it for ten minutes. If there is no discomfort in the body, extend the massage time appropriately, preferably 20 minutes each time.

2. Because people choose massager. Middle-aged and elderly people can use a motorized massager with a faster vibration frequency and weaker vibration intensity. Electromagnetic massager is more suitable for post-exercise massage and middle-aged and young people because of its slow vibration frequency and high vibration intensity.

Massage chairs and electric massagers are more common in modern life, and many people use them to relieve physical fatigue and soreness. However, when used by elderly people with physical diseases, if the strength is not accurate, it may cause fractures.

If the elderly have symptoms such as dislocation of the cervical spine and osteoporosis, they will also cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, compress the nerves, and cause numbness and pain in the arm under the stimulation of greater intensity. When the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases use the neck and shoulder massager, if the frequency is too high, blood flow will be accelerated, and the pressure of the carotid sinus will cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, causing dizziness and even sudden fainting.

Who should not use a vibration machine?

The following three types of people with basic physical diseases are not recommended to use massage health care equipment to treat diseases:

1. Elderly people suffering from basic diseases of cervical and lumbar spine. The spine of these elderly people has long been under pressure from the upper part of the body, often slightly deformed. There may be numbness of the skin of the hands and feet caused by the long-term compression of the nerve roots. If they are massaged improperly, their symptoms may aggravate and even paralysis.

2. Massage is not recommended when the joints, muscles and other parts of the human body are inflamed or swollen due to trauma. Because when there is a combined wound, massage may cause the healing of small blood vessels to split, which may lead to aggravation of symptoms.

3. For the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, if the frequency of using the neck and shoulder massager is too high, it may cause the blood flow to accelerate, the carotid sinus is over-stimulated, which may cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, dizziness, and even dizziness. Suddenly fainted.

There are also two situations in which it is inappropriate to use a massager. People with thin bodies have thinner subcutaneous fat. If the joints are directly massaged with a massager, it is easy to stimulate the periosteum, causing damage to the periosteum and aseptic inflammation. It is not suitable for people to use massage after fasting, full eating, drunkenness and strenuous exercise. Device.

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