Foot Massager Manufacturer MH-FT 003

Product details

Foot Massager Machine with Heat, Shiatsu Foot Massagers with Remote Control & LCD Display, 5 Mode with Air Compression, Kneading Foot Massage for Blood Circulation & Plantar Fasciitis

1+1, the result may be greater than 2
Air compression massage plus heating not only promotes blood circulation, but also relaxes your mind and keeps your body healthy.

One machine, three benefits, indeed greater than 2.

Soft and hard – wonderful massage
With enough massage strength and soft points of silicone, what kind of experience can this match?

You may not be able to leave it in the future

Still need button? — Already out​​​​​​â€?/strong>
Foot massager is equipped with a remote control. It is very convenient for you to adjust the speed, temperature and mode during use.

After all, “Laziness” helps one go forward.

  • Shiatsu + Air Compression:Compared with traditional massagers, Shiatsu Massager is improved on product’s function. The method of shiatsu massage can stimulate the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet for comfort. The extrusion of the balloon promotes blood circulation in the foot and accelerates metabolism. This 3D covered massage must can give you a absolutely comfortable massage experience for the feet.
  • Two Adjustment on Temperature:The foot massager adopts split-and-station temperature design:low-heat or high-heat, the two mode for you to choose, to meet your different heating needs, and this electronic massager chooses heat-resistant material, heating will not emit odor, guarantee Comfort and health when you massage.
  • One-button Operation:This machine is equipped with a remote control, (the range of remote control) ensures that you can operate without touching the buttons during use, which will be more suitable for the habits of the elderly, without the need to bend over and effort. It’s a little easier and very simple.
  • Visualization Equipment:The product uses an LCD display, which is easy to see every time you adjust the temperature and mode to ensure your experience in massage. The time is accurate to 10 minutes and the temperature is accurate to 1 °C.
  • Quality Credit after-sell Service:The shiatsu machine is dedicated to providing buyers with a quality shopping experience, purchasing our products and getting professional guidance. At the same time, if the product has problems within 6 months, we offer a new service.